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Yololight donates energy-saving lamps to rural Huizhou
On September 25th, 2009, Yanliang Lighting initiated the donation ceremony of “Guangming Public Welfare Project·Bright to the Countryside”, donating 7,300 to 1092 villagers in 3 villages including Xiwei Village, Dongya Village, and Daliang Village in Wuhu Town, Huizhou City. Energy-saving lamps. The focus of this donation is on day-to-day home lighting for local farmers. Liang Liang's donation of energy-saving lamps is not only a response to the country's call for energy conservation and consumption reduction and the establishment of a green environmental protection society, but also an important measure to help improve the lighting environment and quality of life of local farmers.
Since the beginning of this year, the state has launched the "Energy-saving Products Benefiting the People Project". The financial subsidies for energy-saving products are aimed at a wide range of fields, from home appliances to lighting products. It promotes efficient energy-saving products in the middle of the nation, especially in rural areas, and brings about rural residents. More substantial benefits. In response to the country’s “Energy Saving Products Benefiting People Project”, since June, Bright Lighting has launched the “Guangming Line Public Welfare Project”, aiming to deliver green and energy-saving lighting products to poor and remote rural areas and schools to improve the local The lighting environment has benefited more than 10,000 elementary and middle school students and thousands of rural families. The bright lighting donation of energy-saving lamps to the neighboring rural areas of the company not only reflects the determination of the company to fulfill its social responsibilities, but also shows that Yanliang lighting actively cooperates with the national energy conservation promotion strategy.
Liu Shitong, the mayor of Wuhu Town, said: “With the promotion of national energy-saving lamps and the improvement of farmers’ energy-saving awareness, the use of energy-saving lamps in rural areas in Wuhu Town is not low, but at present, many energy-saving lamps are inexpensive and have low service life. Some families even used incandescent lamps even after the energy-saving lamps were damaged.The bright lighting donated excellent quality energy-saving lamps that will enable villagers to feel comfortable using energy-efficient lighting products.September, It is still in the peak season of electricity consumption in Guangdong, which is located in the subtropical region. Promoting the use of energy-saving lamps can not only ease the tension of power supply, but also save energy for the people.”